Q&A: What Is Meant By The “Restitution Of All Things” (Acts 3: 21)

Question: What did Peter mean when he spoke of the “restitution of all things” in his second sermon to Israel? Answer: The Greek word translated “restitution” is apokatastasis, occurring only in Acts 3: 21, while the verb form is found in Acts 1: 6. It means bringing something back to a former state or condition….

An Examination Of Gary DeMar’s “Limited Geography” (Part 1)

(Note: This article was originally published on 12/4/2008, but was recently revised. Part 2 is also under revision to be published shortly. Although DeMar’s original article is no longer available, he is still using the same presuppositional arguments to support his Preterist view).  In his article, “Limited Geography and Biblical Interpretation,” Preterist teacher Gary DeMar…